FAQs - COVID-19 measures in place

Updated 11-03-21

What's open?

School Holidays & Bank Holidays
All activities are open 7 days a week during school holidays.

Normal Opening
All activities and Adventure Cafe are open at the weekends during term-time.

Adventure Café  
Our cafe has a delicious range of muffins, flapjacks, crisps, sweets and chocolate and we also have water and soft drinks. It is open to the public and you don't have to be a park visitor to enjoy a refreshment with us, we just that everyone observes the current Covid-19 rules. We prefer to take contactless payments where possible to avoid contact. 

When are you open? 

School Holidays  
All activities are open 10am - 5pm all week and the following weekend.

Normal Opening Times 
All adventure activities are open Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm. 

Where can I buy my tickets? 

Tickets must be purchased online and can be done in advance or one the day. Online tickets can be purchased up to 10 minutes before each session. 

Please remember to maintain a safe distance while queuing and you must wear a face mask when you enter Mote Park Outdoor Adventure at all times. 

Please be aware at busy periods you may have to wait sometime. We can only allow one household/group in through the entrance at a time. We ask for your support and patience on arrival if there is a queue.  


What are you doing about access and social distancing? 

  • We will admit one household at a time to the amount of 6 people into our reception and there are yellow floor markers and signs to guide you. 
  • You must wear a face mask when you are in the reception/cafe area at all times.
  • There is also a screen in place at the till for everyone’s protection. 
  • We have introduced one-way systems throughout the park with clearly visible yellow signs to guide you. 
  • If you wish to buy refreshments, we advise you purchase these whilst in the reception area booking in. The park has a one-way system so you will not have an opportunity to go back to reception to buy refreshments. 
  • Tables and benches are currently out of use in the park. 


What rules do I have to follow? 

  • We recommend you wear a face covering at all times during your visit to the park, including whilst on the adventure activities.  
  • You must use the hand sanitiser station at the entrance and at the end of your activity. 
  • You must observe social distancing at all times to maintain safety. 
  • You must try not to congregate in groups if you are not from the same household. 
  • Please follow the one-way system and use the yellow floor signs to guide you. 
  • Spectators are not allowed inside Mote Park Outdoor Adventure. We will only allow participants and the parent or guardian (who is not participating) of a child that is required to attend to supervise them. 
  • Please use contactless payments when possible to avoid contact. 
  • You must stay at home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild. This includes muscle-ache, headache, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath or a continuous new cough.

Dino Golf: 

  • This activity is all one-way.  
  • Following the standard rules, you must wait until the next hole is clear of players before you move on. All other normal rules apply. 
  • Once you have finished your game, please follow the signs and exit through the gate at the other side of the park to the entrance.

Sky Trail:

  • Staff will be wearing face coverings and visors whilst harnessing participants. 
  • Staff will assist participants with putting on their harness with both spoken instructions and physically adjusting and checking it for safety. 
  • Only one person will be allowed into the clipping-on cage at a time. 
  • Starting times will be staggered to reduce crossing over of people. 
  • Just one person at a time is allowed at each crossing. 
  • Just one person at a time is allowed on each platform. 
  • Capacity on Sky Trail has been reduced per session. 
  • All other normal rules apply. 

Climbing Wall:

  • Staff will be wearing face coverings and visors whilst harnessing participants. 
  • Staff will assist participants with putting on their harness with both spoken instructions and physically adjusting and checking it for safety. 
  • Capacity on the Climbing Wall has been reduced per session. 
  • All other normal rules apply. 

Segway Terrain: 

  • During your safety briefing at the start of your activity, you will be advised on what route to take and how far apart you should ride to enjoy the Segway ride safely. 
  • There is a roped-off area outside the park so that spectators can watch from a safe distance. 
  • All other normal rules apply. 


What new cleaning measures are in place? 

Dino Golf:

  • All golf clubs and golf balls will be sanitised. 
  • No balls will drop into holes so you don’t have to pick them out. 
  • Please deposit your club and ball in the sanitiser buckets after your game. Your golf club should be placed with the handle down. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the end of the Dino Golf course. 

Sky Trail:

  • Harnesses and sling lines will be sanitised between each session/use. 

Climbing Wall:

  • Harnesses and sling lines will be sanitised between each session/use. 
  • Karabiners will be sanitised between each use.  

Segway Terrain:

  •  Segways and helmets will be sanitised between each session/use. 

Adventure Café

We are now also open to the public, which means you don't have to be a park visitor to enjoy a yummy refreshment with us.

We look forward to you popping in!